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Promo Only Canada
Signs Deal With Visiosonic

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ORLANDO, Florida -- November 06, 2003:
Promo Only Canada (in co-operation with Digital Dynamix) has partnered to bring the Visiosonic Product Line into Canada on an exclusive basis! For months now, Promo Only Canada has been in talks with Visiosonic and have finalized a deal to bring the Visiosonic product line to Canada in full force.

“We are very excited to offer the PCDJ line of products to our Canadian Promo Only customers. Promo Only Canada has always be a leader in providing disc jockeys with a wide range of products and services. By adding the PCDJ line, we are now able to provide a new level of technology to the disc jockey market,” stated Dean Ernst, President of Promo Only Canada.

The Visiosonic software is a Digital Audio Player. Visiosonic develops software and hardware, allowing a DJ to maintain a very high level of professionalism. Visiosonic has developed music software and hardware since 1998, then under the direction of compurter mixing software pioneer Jorgen Hedberg and Kent Johansson (pesent owners of Gizmolabs) Visiosonic continues to develope digital music technology!

Joe Vangieri, President and CEO said, “Visiosonic is proud to have an exclusive deal in place with Promo Only Canada. It is a natural fit to align our two companies in an effort to better serve the disc jockey community. We look forward to offering new and innovative products to the Canadian disc jockey through Promo Only Canada.”

Promo Only Canada will start marketing and carrying the PCDJ line of products as of November 17, 2003 and will be made available through their dealer network in Canada.

About Promo Only Canada:
Located in Calgary Alberta, Promo Only Canada is a music supply company catering to the disc jockey and commercial market. Promo Only offers 11 different monthly music formats on compact disc and 6 different DVD music video formats. It also offers Canada’s only weekly new music CD to Canadian radio stations and disc jockeys.

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