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Futuremusic Announces
"The Next Big Thing" DJ Contest

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NEW YORK, New York -- July 06, 2004:
Futuremusic, a multifaceted, electronic music concern, has announced "The Next Big Thing" - the largest DJ contest of the year. The winner of the contest will receive an incredible arsenal of best-in-class DJ gear, and open for Super Star DJ John Digweed on his US tour this summer.

"The Next Big Thing" is open to all US based, non-professional, house music DJ's who don't earn the majority of their income from DJing. "In today's climate, it's very difficult for a DJ to get a big break solely from their DJ skills," Futuremusic's Dan Brotman reveals. "We're giving a talented, up-and-coming DJ the opportunity of a lifetime...to open for a Super Star DJ, at a premier club, and receive the largest prize package of the very best DJ gear."

Contestants will need to download the official entry form and rules from Futuremusic.com and submit a 60 minute, house music mix on CD. The mix has to be achieved on vinyl turntables, digital CD turntables, and/or Final Scratch. Futuremusic, John Digweed and the sponsor's philosophy behind the contest is to "give back" to the DJ club scene in the US. There are already several scratch DJ events, but none aimed specifically at house music that gives a rising DJ their big chance. All mixes will be judged on track selection, mixing ability, creativeness and sound quality.

"Futuremusic only asked best-in-class companies to sponsor this unique competition," Brotman reveals. DJ gear manufacturers who produce shoddy equipment or dodgy software were turned away. The winner will score an unprecedented collection of the latest cutting-edge DJ products from Alienware, BeatPort, PCDJ, Peavey, Technics, M-Audio, Native Instruments, The Dubhouse, IK Multimedia, and many others. This is the largest collection of prizes every assembled for a DJ mix competition."

The winner of "The Next Big Thing" will receive an unprecedented prize package that will include 150 free tracks from dance music's best digital download site, Beatport.com, an Ozma Digital Audio Workstation from Alienware, the Komplete2 software suite from Native Instruments, DJ gear from Technics, Reason 2.5, Ableton's Live 4, cutting-edge digital mixing software and hardware from PCDJ, a Radium 49-Key USB MIDI controller from M-Audio, a complete turntable suspension system from FreeFloat, The Grabber from Peavey, 100 promotional CD's of their mix from The DubHouse, and much, much more!

"There are only a handful of top DJ's in the world I know who would even entertain the possibility of giving someone the special opportunity to open for them. John Digweed is at the top of the list because he's a special individual who always has his heart in the right place. Through his music, record label and DJing, John Digweed is always giving back to the dance music community that launched his career and Futuremusic is honored to be working with him," Brotman states.

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