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Peavey Announces New Interface for DJs
DIA Supports MP3, WAV, CD-audio

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MERIDIAN, Mississippi -- July 27, 2004:
Professional DJs have been waiting for a truly stable hardware/software package that will enable them to manipulate digital audio files. The Peavey DAI (Digital Audio Interface) does exactly that ... and with a totally familiar format and a completely intuitive feel. Just connect your computer to the DAI via a USB cable. The layout is very much like a dual CD player, with side-by-side controls including play, cue, advance and more, as well as two large jog wheels that can perform scratching effects.

The DAI features a touch-sensitive screen and all the controls DJs need for realtime mixing and remixing. With an assortment of input options, USB connectivity and four XLR balanced outs you can easily interface with your computer and other professional audio gear. The DAI will play and mix .MP3, .WAV and .CDA audio files and includes all the controls needed for real-time remixing, including jog wheels on either side of the controller that can be used to create scratching-type effects. In addition, the DAI will automatically find the nearest beat when setting a cue point or mixing tracks.

The user-friendly, intuitive DAI controller is separated into two players, with a touch-sensitive screen between them that shows the current track playlist with track progress bar and BPM counter. Tracks can be sorted by artist, title or BPM (ascending and descending order). The on-screen keyboard allows quick song retrieval by automatically narrowing the search field as you type.

Built-in "Grabbing" technology allows one-button-push looping, with adjustments for moving the loop backward and forward one beat at a time. The user can also lengthen or shorten loops on the fly, allowing for true real-time remixing. This grabbing function always exits the loop at the end of the measure unless the user tells it otherwise.

The DAI also includes an Auto Pilot feature with fully automated mixing and tempo matching. This acts as a helping feature and eliminates dead air between songs. Auto Pilot detects the end of the currently playing track and mixes in the next song automatically, aligning the beats and matching the tempos. Auto Pilot only kicks in during the last 15 seconds of a track and can be left on as a safeguard without interfering with the unit's other controls.

The DAI controller works in tandem with its companion PVDJ software package, which is built around a 56-bit audio engine. The software requires no additional drivers-it runs using existing Windows or Mac OSX drivers. The DAI is a true "plug & play" interface; if either the USB or power cord is unplugged, the DAI will pick up exactly where it left off once the cord is replaced, without rebooting.

- Stylish and easy-to-use dual digital audio file player/controller and software
- Supports MP3, CDA, WAV and other audio formats
- Realtime mixing
- Ultra-cool and intuitive touch-sensitive screen
- Mic input, stereo line in
- USB connectivity
- Four balanced outputs
- Software upgrades
- Uses your computer-based digital file library
- not a stand-alone

Minimum System Requirements:
- PC Compatible only
- CPU 733Mhz
- Windows XP SP1
- 3 MB of unused hard drive space
- 1026 x 768 screen resolution, 16-bit colors

About Peavey (PVDJ):
Peavey is one of the largest, most diversified, independently owned suppliers of musical instruments and professional sound equipment in the world. 33 facilities on three continents (18 in Mississippi) Peavey produces over 2,000 products Peavey products are distributed in over 136 countries worldwide Peavey holds 130 patents in musical instrument designs and audio technology World-renowned musicians from every musical genre use Peavey instruments and sound equipment, from rockers 3 Doors Down, Nickelback and Edward Van Halen to country stars Hank Williams Jr., Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw. Peavey and its four additional brands—MediaMatrix®, Architectural Acoustics®, PVDJ™ and Crest Audio®—can be found behind major concert tours, in venues such as the Sydney Opera House, Hollywood Palace and New York’s Apollo Theater and in most theme parks.

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