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New Digital Music Delivery Software
Promo Only MPE Launches

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Orlando, Florida -- October 18, 2004:
Promo Only, the world's leader in subscription-based music and music video services, announced at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Radio Show a new form of software for secure digital music delivery "Promo Only MPE (Music Protected by Encryption)" and confirmed that industry leaders Universal Music Group and Clear Channel Communications are onboard and already implementing the new system.

Promo Only MPE (developed in conjunction with technology partner Destiny Media Technologies Inc.) has been developed to help the music industry combat the ongoing issue of piracy and additionally gain the benefits of digital technology - quicker distribution and reduced costs. UMG confirmed it will use the Promo Only MPE System to electronically deliver both preview and virtual CD-quality audio files to every US major market radio station. Promo Only MPE tracks distributed to date include those from Gwen Stefani, Eminem, U2, R. Kelly, Jay-Z and Sum 41 among many others.

Clear Channel is equally supportive and confirmed it will make the Promo Only MPE software available to its stations across the USA. These stations will have the option of previewing and receiving virtual CD-quality artist tracks in minutes electronically, far ahead of traditional methods of delivery such as standard mail. The Promo Only

MPE software is NOT an MP3 file. It offers far greater protection and audio quality than an MP3 file. Promo Only MPE has been designed as a small and easily installed file that will in no way hinder the performance of station's computer systems.

"We chose Promo Only and their team because of their reputation in the industry and the power of the Promo Only MPE delivery system," said Vinnie Freda, UMG's Executive Vice President of Digital Logistics & Business Services. "The system protects our artists' works and allows us to distribute their tracks to radio in a safe, secure and timely manner, while meeting the robust requirements of UMG's sales and promotional staff."

"Clear Channel Radio is always striving to provide the best content to our listeners and the most efficient methods of delivery to our stations," said Rob Speicher, Director of Digital Audio Systems with Clear Channel. "Having been involved in the development of the Promo Only MPE delivery system, we know that its features, quality of tracks, and speed of delivery will be very attractive to our stations. We are very pleased to embrace this new service."

"This is great news for Promo Only MPE that both Universal Music Group and Clear Channel are on board and committed to succeeding with our new software," said Promo Only's MPE Director Dean Ernst. "We are dedicated to making the Promo Only MPE System a music industry standard for secure distribution of content to radio."

Promo Only MPE has a highly sophisticated security system which locks down the distributed content and allows labels to track who is accessing their property. Each song is uniquely encrypted so that only those with the MPE program can access it. In addition, an ID code specific to each individual user is applied when a song is requested; meaning that only registered users can access the song and, once installed, the ID cannot be moved to any other computer. Promo Only MPE is the music industry's most secure option for digital music delivery.

About Promo Only:
With offices in Orlando, New York, Los Angeles, Calgary, Chicago and London, Promo Only (www.promoonly.com) is the world's leader in subscription-based music and music video services. Promo Only offers a complete line of music on CD and music video on DVD designed to meet the needs of music professionals, business owners and retail operations.

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