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DJ Intelligence
Version 4.5 Released

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CHICAGO, Illinois -- November 06, 2004:
DJ Intelligence, the online software service-provider which allows DJs to add interactive tools to their website, has just released Version 4.5, again packed with more great features for DJ websites.

The Quote Generator now has the added functionality of promo codes (e-coupons). What is a promo code? In essence it's an e-coupon, or a code, that the DJ can give out to prospective clients. They tell their prospective clients to use this code on their website and it will automatically provide them a pre-determined discount the DJ specified.

Here’s how it works. The DJ can set up an unlimited number of unique promotions that correspond to a specific campaign. For example, let’s say the DJ is going to do a bridal show this winter. They can set up a promotion called "Winter Bridal Show" with a promo code of "WBS1214" offering a discount of $50 (the DJ gets to decide all the values). When the DJ meets with prospective clients at the bridal show, they can give them their special promo code of WBS1214 (for example, write it on the back of their business card) and tell them to go to their website to receive a special bridal show discount. Not only will this drive those prospective clients directly to the DJ’s website after the show, it will also help the DJ to effectively track the source of website inquiries that come in as a result of the show.

This is just one example of dozens of ways this new feature can be put to great use. The DJ can give a code to current customers to refer friends, family, and co-workers and offer them a discount. They can give a code to banquet hall managers. They can give a code to photographers and videographers (and other professional vendors) for referring their service. The list of potential uses goes on and on. But the bottom line is that it's all about finding unique, compelling ways to drive prospective clients to this DJ’s website first, before their competitors’. And that is exactly what this feature does.

In addition, other professional vendors and banquet halls are going to be more likely to refer this DJ’s service if they can offer their clients a discount for doing so. This adds value to the other vendor’s service offerings. For example, “Book ABC Photography and you’ll receive $100 off DJ services from XYZ DJ Company.” It’s a win-win scenario that provides value to both the photography company (or other professional vendor or banquet hall) and also to the DJ service. The DJ can, in essence, build a network of other professional vendors and banquet halls that are driving prospective clients to their website.

DJ Intelligence gives DJs the ability to add highly interactive tools to their existing website by offering a series of applications that install into a DJ’s existing site. Over a dozen interactive tools are included with the annual subscription service, including an availability checker, online music search and request system, event planning forms, event timelines, satisfaction surveys, price quote generator, online booking system, contact/inquiry form, secure web-based payments, automated client referrals, and much more.

All tools are customized to match the “look & feel” of the DJ’s website and can integrate into any existing site, regardless of who designed it or where it is hosted, in under 10 minutes. DJ Intelligence features 99.9%uptime, multiple offsite data backups, and 24/7 rapid-response support.

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