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Mixmeister Pro 5 is Released
New Release of Mixmeister Technology’s DJ software

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KIRKLAND, Washington -- November 09, 2004:
Mixmeister Pro 5 is the latest incarnation of Mixmeister Technologyís DJ software, and along with a number of improved audio and organisational features, one of the key additions to this version is video mixing capability. Now, you can quickly and easily add full-motion video to your DJ mixes, either beatmixing the images yourself or allowing the program to do it for you.

If you havenít come across this title before then the most striking thing about the Mixmeister series is that it has been designed using a blend of studio and DJing principles, so that your main interface more closely resembles a sequencing screen than any kind of CD or turntable-style representation.

Donít let this put you off, though, for it is probably actually a more intuitive system if youíre a complete beginner, while if you do have some experience of DJing in the traditional way then it wonít take more than a minute to get your head round it.

Basically, your screen is split into two sections. The upper half contains your browser (record collection), playlist (record box) and control bar, while the lower half is taken up by the sequencing screen, where you begin to build up your mix. One of the key advantages of this kind of system over an interface that mirrors two decks and a mixer is that you can simultaneously mix many more than two tracks. You can even drop in loops, samples and effects, plus you can be arranging a mix Ďupstreamí while an earlier section is playing.

You can use the program in a number of different ways, from automated applications such as play-list creation for background music, to auto-mix performance (ideal for bar use), right through to beat-mix performance. Though if you want to use this program for serious, professional beat-mix DJing (as no doubt you do) then you will need to plan and program your mix by hand.

Everything is made easy for you, with BPM and key calculation taking place when a track is first loaded into the browser, although initially, perhaps the simplest way to start up is to automate your mix and then go in and tweak it to your satisfaction.

Letís move on to the video side of things, which is where Pro 5 differs most from Mixmeisterís previous incarnations and, while you canít expect it to compete head-on with dedicated VJ packages, it does provide you with the basic tools you need to start mixing video, in an all-in-one package, and will no doubt be very much welcomed by the mobile/event DJ. It is capable of handling a range of video and picture formats including AVI, ASF, MPG, MOV, WMV, BMP and JPG, and certainly provides an option that more and more DJs are demanding.

Overall, Mixmeister Pro 5 is a great package and will suit many users a lot better than other software programs more rooted in the traditional hardware DJ set-up. If you are a producer then it certainly lends itself to creating mixes using original loops and material, as well as being able to use any Direct X (effect) plug-in.

The integration of video makes it even more appealing, and thereís even a facility to web-cast your mix. So, for mobile and club DJs, wannabe VJs or simply the enthused, this program is well worth investigating.

System requirements:
Processor: Pentium III, 1GHz CPU
OS: Windows XP
RAM: 256MB
Soundcard: Second soundcard required for live audio monitoring
Dual monitor support required for video display on second monitor

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