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Online Learning Center Rules and Particapation Agreement
mem-ber-ship, n. 1: the state of being a member. The total number of members in a group. 2: an organization with a growing membership.

Page 2

iIf you agree with all terms you will be requested to complete the Industry Survey. Once submitted and verified you will recieve your login namr, passscode and link to the fourms.



In order to maintain an educational atmosphere that is conducive to exchanging quality and factual information, please review these established policies:

1. Individuals with pass codes who participate in the CPS online community are encouraged to share information and ideas as they relate to Computerized Performance System DJing. This includes, but is not limited to, Mobile Disc Jockeys, Club Disc Jockeys, Karaoke hosts, Trivia hosts, Video Jockeys, or other professionals working in related industries, programmers, developers, vendors, suppliers, and other people with a general interest in the CPS industry.

2. Once you have submitted the Industry Survey your account will be created. Individuals are not permitted to have multiple accounts. If a member requires a username change, he/she must notify the site administrator of his/her intent to change the username before doing so.

3. Offering your educated opinion on a given topic and debating is encouraged as long as it is done factually and professionally. If you disagree with a person's opinion, disagree and provide supporting facts why you disagree. Refrain from claiming that the other individual's opinion is "wrong." If you are having issues with a tool, don’t post that "it sucks.” We want to encourage an environment where everyone can agree or disagree constructively and professionally and more important educate others with facts and solid advice.

4. Any comment made containing language that includes, but is not limited to, racially or ethnically charged wording, personal attacks, profanity, insults, badgering of others, "baiting" (comments with no foundation and sole purpose of provoking conflict) as determined by the CPS Directors or moderators is expressly forbidden and when recognized will be removed from the site. Additionally, any comments needing to be edited or removed by the CPS Team in order to comply with the Terms of Use will be done without prior notification to the original author.

5. Promoting/Advertisement Guidelines - The following policy/restrictions are strictly enforced to all vendors who sell/trade/barter/give-away products and services to other individuals. This policy applies to all aspects of and, CPS Learning Center, FAQ, links, live chats, and personal signatures:

5-a. Non-supporting vendors are limited to the following level of self-promotion only: Non-supporting vendors may promote their products or services with one (1) non-editable web site link and description in the Industry Link community. Non-supporting vendors may submit news/press releases to be included in the Press Release area, however, non-supporting vendors have no guarantee that submitted promotional announcements will be included. Non-supporting vendors may support their product when specific questions are asked in the CPS Learning Center area, including defending products or company merits. As noted above, this applies to signatures used in posts as well. Non-supporting vendors are prohibited from displaying any form of a banner, website links, graphic website links, or slogans that promote their products or services or the incorporating users as spokespersons to do so indirectly within the Learning Center area.

5-b. Current advertisers and Key Club promoters (all known as Official Sponsors) of and will be given additional room to promote their services and products per their selected promotional package. Official Sponsors cannot contribute blatant advertisements within the CPS Learning Center area. All vendor participation within the CPS Learning Center area must be of educational value, and not just simply a "buy from me" or “look at me” type of post as determined by our team.

Official Sponsors are allowed to have small promotional signatures including the official CPS KEY CLUB graphic supplied to Official Sponsors. This differentiation is because Official Sponsors of this program are paying for this privilege to communicate directly to our certified and non-members.

(Example signature of Official Sponsors. Note that the sponsor's logo will be in key.)

James Brown
My Official-Sponsor Company Name Here
"Catch Phrase Giving Your Mix Wings or something here"

5-c. Vendors are permitted to clarify issues of misinformation by issuing a “Statement of Fact.” Any subsequent replies or continued conversation must be relevant and factual. This is a learning platform and not a soapbox to spread innuendo, make hostile personal attacks, or bash someone. Everyone enjoys a good tennis match; just make sure your volleys stay in the court and within respectful guidelines.

5-d. All non-vendor announcements for equipment FOR SALE/TRADE/WANTED by e-ticket members shall only be posted in the “Marketplace” area. Any other threads containing announcements advertising equipment FOR SALE/TRADE/WANTED will be deleted, not moved; it is the responsibility of the individuals to place such announcements in the correct areas.


When you participate in the Certification or e-ticket programs we require personal information from you when activating your account; you agree to accept sanctioned marketing material sent via USPS and emails sent by C.P.S. Educational Department Inc. C.P.S. Educational Department Inc. will not release your information to be abused by others; any and all materials will be sent directly from our office, keeping your private information secure and private. If you receive ANY marketing material from ANY source and it was listed in our “Promotions” area please contact our Abuse Department.

If you do not wish to receive marketing announcements, you must surrender your account without refund.


To maintain a harmonious experience, violations of the terms of use will be dealt with in the following manner:

1. Participation with these programs is totally voluntary. The ability to participate on this site is considered a privilege, not a right. Continued failure to follow written and verbal warnings to the user making the offending violation will result in termination from participation, but the violator will be permitted to view the programs.

2. Penalties for violations of the Terms of Use include, but are not limited to, temporary account suspension or permanent loss of posting privileges. All decisions are at the sole discretion of the directors, and all decisions are final.

PRIVACY POLICY,, and C.P.S. Educational Department Inc. are committed to safeguarding your privacy via our programs. This document will explain exactly what information we gather and how it is used.

What Information Is Collected: On the registration application and e-ticket form we ask for several pieces of private and company information, all of them demographic (solidly factual) in nature. This information is gathered to help your educational experience. The more information we gather, the better we can personalize your experience. Additionally, for administrative and security purposes, we can track IP addresses of visitors and log their visits throughout our websites.

Where The Information Goes/How It Is Used: Unless otherwise indicated, it never leaves C.P.S. Educational Department. Our secure email database and login information to our services are only available to the Directors,,, and C.P.S. Educational Department Inc. Vendors from time to time will sponsor contests and they will collect entries which are not covered under our “Privacy Policy”. Your data is used to compile generalized information about our participants for us to acquire advertisers and sponsors. Specific user information is never given to outside sources.

What Are Your Choices: To participate in these programs we do require personal and company information, username (preferably your real name), and a real email address. Please keep your current email address up to date in your profile. If you do not wish to supply the requested information, you may view the html public area of,; however, you may not participate in the CPS Learning Center or within the Certification programs.

What Is The Policy On Updating User Information: You can update information any time via emails to the program.

What Else You Should Know: Keep in mind that although we work hard to protect your information, we cannot control information that you have provided freely in the features outside of the items discussed above (e.g., posts and signatures). Thus, this information can be collected and used by others..

That's it - If you argee with these terms click the "I Agree " button below right and you will be taken to an Industry Survey - Complete all the question and submit. Once verified you will be sent an email with your log-In name, Pass Code and link to the forums; otherwise click the "I DISAGREE" button to return to our main site.

Please Note: By pressing the "I Agree " button, you declare that you are over the age of 18. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to register for membership/certification without parental consent at or By pressing the "I Agree" button, you are entering into a binding contract with ,, C.P.S. Educational Department, its owners, and principals, and agree to terms and conditions set above.

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August 20, 2007

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